Gresham Gas Sampling Pump
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Gresham Gas Sampling Pump


: The dust filter in the nose of the Pump should be changed on a regular basis. The frequency of replacement will need to be established by the user and will depend on the conditions of sampling.

The Pump will need to be lubricated if it starts to get a little stiff. A couple of drops of "Fomblin". should be put onto the piston "Lubricant Wick" and onto the Piston Shaft. Care should be taken not to over lubricate the Pump.

The pumps can be returned Gresham for a fixed charge service fee.

Gresham Gas Sampling Pump


: The Sampling Pumps are lubricated at the factory with Fomblin YVAC 0616 fluid. Fomblin is the registered trade name of a Perflouropolyether (PFPE) Fluid. (Silicon Lubricants are not recommended as they can absorb C02).

Fomblin has been selected because it is inert to most reactive chemicals and is non-flammable. Fomblin can be used in direct contact with U176, F2, oxygen, ozone, etc. Fomlin has been approved by NASA for liquid oxygen systems.

NOTE: Pumps that have been lubricated with Fombiin can be identified as they are fitted with Black Aluminium Handles. Earlier pumps were lubricated with Edwards High Vacuum Grade 8K and can be identified by the Natural Finish Aluminium Handles.

Pumps that are returned to Gresham for service are automatically converted to "Fomblin" unless otherwise requested in writing by the user.

Gresham Gas Sampling PumpSAMPLE CYLINDERS

: The Schrader Valves should be replaced on a regular basis in order to safeguard the Sample. The cost of a new Valve is small compared to collecting and analysing the sample.

Periodic examinations of the Sample Cylinders should be made for signs of external damage or corrosion. On no account should the Cylinder Head or End Cap be removed. The Sample Cylinders are Pressure Vessels and for safety reasons any dismantling must only be undertaken by approved personnel.


: Cylinders in service should be returned to Gresham Engineering every two years for Examination & Pressure Testing. If the cylinders are used in particularly corrosive environments examination should be more frequent. We have a fixed price service that includes a 70bar Water Pressure Test, Internal Inspection, new valves and seals, and a test certificate.

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